December 4, 2007

Making Your Home a Haven Challenge: Day 2

I have been ever increasingly sad at the condition of my house. I don't feel like I have done a very good job at keeping it nice for me and my family. It is often a source of stress and frustration for me. Crystal is doing a challenge over at her blog to do little little things every day to keep our houses nice for our families. I'm going to join in and see if things will help me to stay motivated each day to do lots of little things that end up making a beautiful place for us to live and feel relaxed.

This is the outline of what I'm to do today and I'll keep updating my blog as I complete them.

1. Refresh your Spirit (5 Minutes)

I'm going to work on my Beth Moore study for my women's church Bible study.

I spent about 15 minutes working on my Beth Moore study learning about the peace of God.

2. Take Time to Plan (5 Minutes)

Make a tangle list of things to accomplish in order today.

Here is my list for today:

1. Exercise
2. Shower
3. Make lunch
*Here I left with my husband to go shopping for supplies for our youth group 3rd Annual Christmas Extravaganza *
4. Fold Laundry
*Here I made dinner- BBQ Chicken Pizza- I used a yeast-free pizza crust recipe because I didn't have any yeast, hopefully, it turns out!**update: it turned out and was a HUGE hit!*
5. Put laundry away
6. Vacuum rug in living room
7. Sweep floors - In Progress
8. Shine Sink -In Progress

I feel so good now that I've finished everything on my "To Do" List. It's only 9pm :-) I still need to clean off my dining room table, but I feel pretty good about what I got done today.

Tomorrow, my goal is to start my day a little earlier, hopefully, by 7. I have a really hard time waking up in the morning especially since Monkey wakes up to nurse around 5am.

3. Do something (10 Minutes)

I'm going to do my daily "Flylady" routine as well as straighten up my living room.

So far today I've gotten off to a very late start. It's almost 10:30am and I haven't done anything besides get Monkey up, feed him breakfast, get him dressed and play with him. He has another cold, so he's been rather clingy, so I'm going to tackle my daily "to do's" when he goes down for his nap in about 30 minutes.

This is how I'm hoping my day will play out:

1) Bible Study
2) Workout (can't remember the last time I did this- maybe 9 1/2 months ago?)
3) Shower, get dressed, put on makeup & do hair
4) Spend 10 Minutes cleaning

Of course, this is how I'm hoping it will play out and all things are subject to change without notice. I'll keep you posted on how my day is going.

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Kacie said...

Woo hoo! You can do it!

Shelley said...

Go You!! This is a wonderful thing! I might join you!