December 19, 2007

Wednesday To Do

I'm going to be much more specific in my To Dos for today. It helps me stay on task.

1. Quiet Time
2. Exercise - I know, I let one of the most important things slide today
3. Put suitcases away - Kyle and I will get this done in just a little bit
4. Fold laundry
5. Dry and fold laundry
6. 1 complete load of laundry - Started 2/3 of the way through
7. Pay bills
8. Pay taxes for church (work)
9. Call Joyce (work)
10. Take out paper recycling
11. Fill yard debris container with wood
12. Straightened up Monkeys room, hung 2 things on his wall, changed sheets
13. Vacuum Monkey's room -I'm going to move this to tomorrow since it's almost Monkey's bedtime.

We'll start here and if I'm really efficient, I'll add things to it!

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