May 30, 2007

WFMW: Inexpensive Movie Rentals

My husband and I were at Safeway the other day and noticed that by the door they have a movie rental machine. It's only $1.49 for one day ($.99 on Mondays)! It only carries new releases, but that's all my husband and I usually pick up at the video rental store because we have Dish Network and can watch older movies on TV. I don't mind that it's only 1 days, either, because usually if we go to rent a movie, we watch it that night any way.

We haven't actually tried it yet, but it looks like you just put in your money and the movie pops out of a slot, by close the next day, you return the movie into the slot. It seems like a lot more reasonable than the $3.79 that Blockbuster is charging these days! I think that Safeway is affiliated with Vons, so maybe check out Vons and see if they have them as well.

May 15, 2007

WFMW: Flamingos on the Brain

My husband is a youth a pastor and this summer we're taking our high schoolers to Florida for a nationwide youth conference with our denomination. We have needed to raise about $1100 per person for the trip since we're traveling across the United States. We've done a few fundraisers and honestly, none of them have done great. The kids hate hitting people up for money, which I understand.

This past week we started a fundraiser within our church and it's been a huge hit! People pay $20 to "flamingo" someone else. Basically, our high schoolers drive over in the evening and stake 6 flamingos in the yard of a person that someone paid us to "flamingo". We're asking the people "flamingoed" to pay a $15 "flamingo removal fee", which is of course, optional, but who wouldn't want to support a good cause. If the people would like, they have the option of passing on the love and "flamingoing" someone else instead for just $20. I didn't think that the people in our church would get behind this like they have. All 7 days this week have been filled and we've made over $300 with VERY little effort! We have 2 full week left of the fundraiser and we may extend it if the demand continues!

We bought 12 flamingos from Oriental Trading Company, so each night we flamingo 2 people, putting 6 flamingos in each yard, along with a card taped to the door so the people are clueless as to why there are 6 flamingos mysteriously placed in their yard! Since we have 12 kids going on the trip, each of them only needs to deliver flamingos to one house a week, not much time for a whole lot of profit.

That Works for Me!