April 24, 2009

Newest Pictures

Maddox is very cute and into when Daddy wears a hat, he needs to wear one, too.

Sunday, we went to the park with 5 other families after church and Maddox was a little excited!

Miss Juliette 6 Weeks old!

This is what happens when Maddox decides to play during naptime rather than sleeping. I find him asleep at around 5pm.

2 Year Old Funnies

"moin" = "more"

"shoose-on" = "shoes"

"boy"= "Maddox", when referring to himself.

"bot" or "soccer" = baseball

"choo choo" = "train"

"Judidette" = "Juliette"

"Dampa" = "Grandma" and/or "Grandpa" (same word for both)

"nouche" = sandwich

April 16, 2009

Juliette- One Month

Here's some new ones of Juliette! She's 5 weeks old now, can't hardly believe it! I even caught a smile today!!!

April 10, 2009

I'm 43 in Wii Years...

Ouch, that hurts.

Kyle bought me Wii Fit for my birthday and apparently in Wii years, I'm 43.

I guess I need to regain my youth!

April 8, 2009


I'm having a Target withdrawal. I haven't stepped foot in a Target store in over 5 weeks! (Actually that's not entirely true, when Kyle's dad was here he needed batteries, so we entered the store, he grabbed batteries at the check-out and we left.) I know, I know *gasp*. I'm feeling it today. I "need" a Target fix. I "need" to go to Costco (right next store), get myself my $1 Mocha and meander leisurely through Target looking at all the cool "stuff" they have. I guess I didn't realize how little I've done since Juliette was born! It's not that I buy much when I go to Target. I keep it to the essentials, I just like to window shop from the inside.

Do you ever have store withdrawals?

April 6, 2009

This Blows

Saturday night, we were driving home from our friends house about 45 minutes away. Kyle's stomach was hurting. About 2 miles down the freeway he asked me to pull over (I was driving because he didn't feel well) and he threw up. He never throws up. I think since I've known him he's thrown up once. My throat was starting to feel scratchy. Wonderful. He's got the flu (or food poisoning) and I have a cold. Maddox has already been fighting something. Green snot, cough, etc. We didn't sleep Saturday night because Kyle was up throwing up ever 45 minutes and I had a sore throat like none-other.

Sunday morning, we missed our Palm Sunday service because we were all miserable. I was feeling the best (except for Juliette), so I was on "carrying for everybody" duty. Sunday was the first day that Maddox actually acted sick. So that was fun. Down right exhausting in fact. Last night (Sunday), I went to bed and woke up at midnight and threw up. I threw up all night long and well into the morning.


So, here I am, with a cold and the flu! Kyle was feeling better today, so he was on "carrying for everybody" duty. Luckily, Maddox is feeling better today. Unfortunately, I still need to nurse Juliette and I wasn't able to keep any liquids down for a long time. She seems to be getting enough to eat, though. I really wasn't wanting to have to go to the ER for an IV and I probably would have ended up there had I not stopped puking when I did.

I think I've figured out that I've thrown up this year more than I have in my entire life combined! I threw up every day for the first 3 months of my pregnancy with Juliette and then ended up with the flu when I was pregnant with her, too.

So far, Juliette hasn't picked up any of the germs and we're praying it stays that way because a fever before they're 8 weeks old is an emergency situation. Please pray for her. I've been nursing her very frequently hoping to give her all the anti-bodies I can.

April 5, 2009

Picture Time!

4 Days Old

Getting a hug from Maddox

First Bath - 1Week old

1 Week Old

Maddox being cute

Daddy with his kiddos

Juliette always puts her head back when she's in a sling and then looks up at me, so cute!

Snuggling with Grandma- 2 Weeks old

2 Weeks Old

Going on a walk to the park

Last Week, I was feeding Juliette in the rocking chair and her car seat was sitting next to me. Maddox climbed in and about 5 minutes later I looked down and he was fast asleep!

3 Weeks Old

April 2, 2009

Life With 2

I finally feel like we're getting into our groove around here. Obviously, carrying for 2 is twice as much work, but when Kyle is home, the work is divided, so that's nice. I think the biggest change for him has been that when he is home he's one kid duty 100% of the time rather than 50% :-)

Juliette was a little fussy her second week of life, but after putting her on Gripe Water she was a much happier girl. Her poor little tummy was so full of air you could hear the bubbles in there. This week I think her digestive system is working better because I've hardly used the water and she's been great!!! Much more like my mellow Maddox!!! Plus, I've gotten her down for 2 good naps in her crib today! Yippee!

Last week, I caved and bought a Moby Wrap and I LOVE it! I actual bought a similar one locally made, but it's the same concept. It's literally 15 feet of fabric. It keeps her really close to my body, though, so I can still use my arms when she's in it and it doesn't put any strain on my back.