April 2, 2009

Life With 2

I finally feel like we're getting into our groove around here. Obviously, carrying for 2 is twice as much work, but when Kyle is home, the work is divided, so that's nice. I think the biggest change for him has been that when he is home he's one kid duty 100% of the time rather than 50% :-)

Juliette was a little fussy her second week of life, but after putting her on Gripe Water she was a much happier girl. Her poor little tummy was so full of air you could hear the bubbles in there. This week I think her digestive system is working better because I've hardly used the water and she's been great!!! Much more like my mellow Maddox!!! Plus, I've gotten her down for 2 good naps in her crib today! Yippee!

Last week, I caved and bought a Moby Wrap and I LOVE it! I actual bought a similar one locally made, but it's the same concept. It's literally 15 feet of fabric. It keeps her really close to my body, though, so I can still use my arms when she's in it and it doesn't put any strain on my back.


Cheryl said...

I got a moby wrap with Bryce and I LOVE it. I use it with Grant too and it's just the best thing ever! It's even machine washable so that makes it even better. :) Glad to hear things are going well with the two little ones. Where's the pictures??

Hannah said...

I used to have a moby wrap too. I loved it for Eve! I sold it when Miles came along and bought a pouch sling for him for cuteness factor. Sort of regret it but I've loved the pouch sling for him and Eve now that they're so much older

Baby Kaden said...

YEAH for MOBYS!!! Glad you have fallen to the dark side and caved in and bought one... it's by far my most favorite baby item EVER!!! Hope you like it as much as I do! You should try putting Maddox on your back with it! It's fun! ;-)