April 8, 2009


I'm having a Target withdrawal. I haven't stepped foot in a Target store in over 5 weeks! (Actually that's not entirely true, when Kyle's dad was here he needed batteries, so we entered the store, he grabbed batteries at the check-out and we left.) I know, I know *gasp*. I'm feeling it today. I "need" a Target fix. I "need" to go to Costco (right next store), get myself my $1 Mocha and meander leisurely through Target looking at all the cool "stuff" they have. I guess I didn't realize how little I've done since Juliette was born! It's not that I buy much when I go to Target. I keep it to the essentials, I just like to window shop from the inside.

Do you ever have store withdrawals?


Anonymous said...

that is funny... i actually really dont like shopping. little shops downtown are always fun, but i dread the everyday places... id rather go online. the only reason i would be craving something like that was for probably just some interaction if i was cooped up! and five weeks is a long time!!

Nicole said...

Haha ohhh ya! Especially Target!

Shelley said...

wow...5 whole weeks without Target! I didn't know that was even possible.

Funnily enough, I go through costco withdrawals. I just love walking through and see all of the stuff in bulk and looking at the books and home stuff.

and the Hot Dogs...lurve me some Costco Hot dogs.