October 31, 2008

1 Little, 2 Little, 3 Little Monkeys!

Actually, just one little monkey, but he's so cute!

We went trick or treating at our neighbors house and Maddox got a sucker and seemed pleasantly content, so we left it at that. Then, he and I went to a wedding at our church (Kyle has a middle school retreat this weekend) and he was SO good the entire time, I couldn't believe it, and he was still dressed like a monkey, so cute.

Here's a 21 weeks belly pic of me taken yesterday, I think the picture makes me look humungo giganto, today I feel much smaller, what's up with that!?! The picture underneath was me at 20 weeks with Maddox. Like I said, though...the picture taken yesterday I think is a weird angle or something because I'm not that big. I'm going to make Kyle take another one on Sunday :-) The picture does show how much higher I'm carrying Juliette, though. Weird.

This is Kyle dressed up like Mr. Rogers. I didn't dress up, I'm a party pooper, well, actually I tried fitting into my poodle skirt for a party last weekend and was all bummed because it didn't fit over my thighs. Kyle asked me when the last time I wore it was and I told him probably when I was like 13 or 14 and he didn't say anything in response. Apparently, I'm not the same size any more :-(

We Have a Winner!

Thank you all for your participation in the wall vinyl giveaway! Random.org selected number 68 Justicecw. I am going to e-mail them right now.

I hope that those of you who didn't win would still consider checking out my family's store! They are able to make lots of custom vinyls, so please keep them in mind with the holidays quickly approaching!

Thanks again!

October 28, 2008

I Just Needed to Share

Here's some pictures from Sunday. We've had gorgeous 70 degree weather the last 3 days, so we've been taking advantage of some outside time before the rain starts!

I look like a retard, but hey, it's about the fun he's having!

This looks totally posed, but really he just fell down and then looked cute:-)

Oh, look, a picture of me, you don't find those every day! (I'm generally the photographer)

And, here's a healthy dose of cheese doled out by the one and only King of Cheese.

October 26, 2008

Bloggy Giveaway: Wall Vinyl Art

Thank you for your participation! This Giveaway is now closed.
My parents and brother recently started their second business called Vinyls Plus Marketing. As part of their business, they are selling wall vinyl art through Etsy.com. They have graciously offered to giveaway anything at their site priced $19.95 or under. Some of the items you can customize for your family! Wall vinyl is easy to apply and will not hurt your wall paint.

To be eligible to win, please visit their site at Etsy and come back here and in the comments section tell me which of the items is your favorite. This giveaway will remain open until Friday, Oct. 31 at 10pm PST. I will randomly draw a winner. U.S. residents only, please.

Please make sure you check out all the other wonderful giveaways over at the Bloggy Giveaways Carnival happening this week! You can be sure I'll be signing up for as many of them as I have time for :-)

October 23, 2008

I've Got Pink on the Brain

Can you tell why? I love the look of this room and I quite possibly might need to replicate something similar in my little girls room. I'll be visiting my family in about 3 weeks to celebrate my grandma's 70th birthday and there is the most amazing fabric store there, so if I know what I'm looking for I'll have to go shopping to pick some up. Our crib is that color, just a bit different style. I love the combination of the pink and brown. It makes my heart sing.

I love the brown walls in this one, but with the color of our crib, it totally won't work. I could reverse it and do pink with brown around the top, but I don't know. We don't have cool high ceilings like that, so it may totally look terrible. That's why I like the idea of the floor to ceiling curtains. Oh the choices to make! I wish I could higher a designer, seriously. Shelley, wanna come help me?

I also need to redo Maddox's room since he'll be in a twin size bed and in a much bigger room that is going to double as the play room. I love the idea of decorating, but lack of lots of money and creativity definitely stands in my way.

Anybody have any ideas?

October 18, 2008

P.A.C.I.F.E.R is G.O.N.E

But, shhhh...don't tell Maddox he hasn't really seemed to notice!

Maddox has officially slept 3 times without his pacifier and he really hasn't seemed to miss it much. The most noticeable thing is that it takes him a really long time to settle into bed. We've heard him talking through the monitor for up to 1 1/2 hours after putting him to bed. He fussed a little bit, but since he can't talk, he doesn't know how to ask for it. I think it's a calming thing for him, so it helps him to fall asleep faster, but I think he'll adjust soon and won't have a problem falling asleep.

Transition 1: Lose the Pacifier Complete
Transition 2: Move
Transition 3: Twin size bed
Transition 4: Hello baby sister!

October 16, 2008

We're Buying a House!

I haven't mentioned anything about the house in awhile, I just realized, so I thought you all would like an update! We have sold our house and are closing on Dec. 5. We've been thinking and praying a lot about re-buying vs. renting and after some prayer, decided to pursue buying and if we could find something in our price range, we should do it. If not, we would just rent. We are accepting a counter-offer on this house today. It's darling! It's a 1950's house and is fully updated inside. The pictures really don't do it justice. Its just adorable!

October 15, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

On Saturday, my brother Tyler and his wife, Nicole, came over for breakfast and to go to the pumpkin patch with us. Maddox rode on his first pony and had a blast picking out a pumpkin.

Hm... what about this one?

I see that smile!

"I'm a big boy!"

This is the one!

Just being his cute self.

Our big helper.

Swinging with Uncle Tyler and Auntie Nicole.

"I'm a little Pumpkin!"

Uncle Tyler shooting the corn gun.

Waiting in line for the pony ride, he had his tickets ready to go.

Here he is giving the guy his tickets. He felt like such a big boy!

October 10, 2008

October 9, 2008

The Big Day

I can't believe it's almost here! If all goes as planned and this little 5 1/2 in. baby decides to cooperate tomorrow morning, we'll finally know what it is! Yippee!! I'm so excited! I'll know whether or not to start shopping for little pretty pink things, or if I need to turn into "tough mom" with having 2 boys together! I'll be excited no matter what it is because I think having 2 boys together would be a blast and I also know that having my little princess will also be tons of fun, too. So, we'll see! The polls showing 50/50, so unfortunately, half of you will be wrong :-(

October 7, 2008

Picture Time!

Here are some pictures. Mostly of our trip a few weeks ago to visit the grandparents.

My grandpa builds small trains that you can ride on and he was running them at a place a little bit out of town where they have this huge track set up. I probably don't have this story entirely true, but I think the first steam engine he ever made was fashioned after the one that Walt Disney made for Disneyland when it first opened. Since then, he's built at least 4 more running engines (1 steam & 3 electric), plus lots of train cars, etc.

Maddox was pretty quiet the whole time we were out there, but we could tell he was loving it because he didn't want to stop riding the trains. This is a picture of Maddox and his Great-Grandpa Ed.

Maddox and Mommy

Maddox and Auntie Nicole

Maddox, Uncle Tyler and Grandpa

This picture needs it's own post, but it happened last week and, well, the whit I had about it is gone because I can't remember all the other terrible things that happened that morning to make it a no-good-awful-very-bad-day. Any way, I am very talented, I broke half my cereal bowls in one fell...er...drop, I guess. I learned my lesson not to fill my hands too full of dishes. I was putting away a stack of 6 bowls and they slipped out of my hands onto the counter and I broke 4 of them. So, now I need to find new cereal bowls because 4 just isn't enough! They were a wedding gift 4 years ago and I'm doubtful that Bed Bath and Beyond still carries them.

On a super fun note, my brother Tyler and his wife Nicole are going to be in town this weekend for her brother's wedding, so we get to spend Saturday with them! I'm really excited to see them!

October 6, 2008

Be Responsible: VOTE!!!


Check out the poll to the right and vote for whether you think the newest Mellander baby is a boy or a girl! We find out on Friday. So far every single person at church that has an opinion says it's a girl.

If you're reading this from the family website: go here to vote directly on my blog.

Oh, and if you feel so inclined as to name the date I'll have said baby feel free to leave that in the comments section. I'm due March 10. And, if you're horribly mean, you could even tell me how long I'll be in labor and if you say more than 12 hours I'll hurt you (I was in labor with Maddox for 36).