October 23, 2008

I've Got Pink on the Brain

Can you tell why? I love the look of this room and I quite possibly might need to replicate something similar in my little girls room. I'll be visiting my family in about 3 weeks to celebrate my grandma's 70th birthday and there is the most amazing fabric store there, so if I know what I'm looking for I'll have to go shopping to pick some up. Our crib is that color, just a bit different style. I love the combination of the pink and brown. It makes my heart sing.

I love the brown walls in this one, but with the color of our crib, it totally won't work. I could reverse it and do pink with brown around the top, but I don't know. We don't have cool high ceilings like that, so it may totally look terrible. That's why I like the idea of the floor to ceiling curtains. Oh the choices to make! I wish I could higher a designer, seriously. Shelley, wanna come help me?

I also need to redo Maddox's room since he'll be in a twin size bed and in a much bigger room that is going to double as the play room. I love the idea of decorating, but lack of lots of money and creativity definitely stands in my way.

Anybody have any ideas?


Katie said...

I love those colors of pink and brown together! and I think long curtains look really nice. I think making them yourself is always the cheapest, but I can't sew so I always have to buy mine! (which is why I love target and ikea)

Kyle said...

I'm not so much looking forward as much...but hey...its not necessarily up to me...I just don't like the curtains.

Hannah said...

I love pink too! The pink and brown is a great combo. I never ended up getting to decorate our kids rooms at all, and now we will be renting army houses so highly unlikely I'll ever get to decorate them. I always dream big anyway though :)

Hannah said...

oh yeah, and we have moved. check out my new post. I'm glad it's out of the way! Trust me, you can so do cloth nappies. They aren't as hard as they seem, it's just taking the plunge that is hard. I used them camping and during the move and it was dead easy. They are so cute too! The new pink bumgenius is adorable!

Anonymous said...

i also think pink and brown is a good combo... that chandelier however makes me nervous over the crib!!! but it is groovy(=
isnt it fun thinking of girly stuff? (=

Cheryl said...

I like the pink and brown combo, but I think if you reversed the half wall look it would make the room feel closed in. both pictures look adorable. I can tell you are going to have one very boyish boy and a girlygirl!

Shelley said...


I would love to help you. I can help with both rooms if you want. I will start research right away! What kind of look were you wanting in Maddox's room?


My computer is out for repairs...needs a new motherboard. So I'm going to be using Kevin's computer for the next week. Hmmm.....I'll still do research I just won't be as effective :)

Anonymous said...

I love the pink and brown - just like everyone else... but maybe you could do pink walls and FEW vertical brown stripes? Stripes and florals are "in" - or maybe that was last year? I don't know... I'm sure it will be cute, you are very creative AND frugal!
We're excited to meet little Ms. Mellander!

Shelley said...

hey, I e-mailed you with a ton of different ideas. I didn't know how often you checked your e-mail...so I thought I'd tell you :)