October 31, 2008

1 Little, 2 Little, 3 Little Monkeys!

Actually, just one little monkey, but he's so cute!

We went trick or treating at our neighbors house and Maddox got a sucker and seemed pleasantly content, so we left it at that. Then, he and I went to a wedding at our church (Kyle has a middle school retreat this weekend) and he was SO good the entire time, I couldn't believe it, and he was still dressed like a monkey, so cute.

Here's a 21 weeks belly pic of me taken yesterday, I think the picture makes me look humungo giganto, today I feel much smaller, what's up with that!?! The picture underneath was me at 20 weeks with Maddox. Like I said, though...the picture taken yesterday I think is a weird angle or something because I'm not that big. I'm going to make Kyle take another one on Sunday :-) The picture does show how much higher I'm carrying Juliette, though. Weird.

This is Kyle dressed up like Mr. Rogers. I didn't dress up, I'm a party pooper, well, actually I tried fitting into my poodle skirt for a party last weekend and was all bummed because it didn't fit over my thighs. Kyle asked me when the last time I wore it was and I told him probably when I was like 13 or 14 and he didn't say anything in response. Apparently, I'm not the same size any more :-(


Coloradolady said...

Check your email :)

Anonymous said...

maddox looks so cute and so warm! it gets so cold on halloween!
you do look higher i think in the prego pic.... i remember looking bigger at night and then in the morning going... what ahppened? but i think it was just i was bloated and full, and then by the morning it went away(=
i didnt dress up either! i wanted to, but getting dahlia all cute took a while!

Tyler Reitz said...

TOOOO cute!

Nicole said...

Oh Maddox is SOOOO cute!!!!!

Anonymous said...

You could have just said you dressed up like a pregnant lady :)

I'm glad Maddox got to live up to his blog and dress like a monkey!

Miss you guys!

Katie said...

You ARE carrying her higher, that's crazy how different it is! Both on mine were girls so I couldn't tell a ton of a difference, except I think the second was a little lower. I love that Kyle dressed up as Mr. Rogers!

Jenn said...

Oh, what a cute little monkey. You should click on coloradolady's blog for sunday, she posted a sweet word about you as the winner. congrat's by the way, I am visiting from her site.

Nessie said...

I don't think you look big at all...! Although, that's relative to normal, I suppose... Everyone carries differently, and either way, you still look really good. I totally understand the size change though. I am 15 lbs over still, bleh! I also can barely get my pants over the bottom half of me. Sigh. I keep telling myself to do something about it...but I just keep wondering how long I can use the "I just had a baby" line as an excuse. Hmmmm

Hannah said...

I used to love Mr. Rogers!! Your belly pics are so cute. I think you look fantastic. Not too big at all, just nice. I was so huge with Miles at 23 weeks that EVERYONE kept coming up to me and saying, "wow not long to go now, huh?" it freaked me out!