October 7, 2008

Picture Time!

Here are some pictures. Mostly of our trip a few weeks ago to visit the grandparents.

My grandpa builds small trains that you can ride on and he was running them at a place a little bit out of town where they have this huge track set up. I probably don't have this story entirely true, but I think the first steam engine he ever made was fashioned after the one that Walt Disney made for Disneyland when it first opened. Since then, he's built at least 4 more running engines (1 steam & 3 electric), plus lots of train cars, etc.

Maddox was pretty quiet the whole time we were out there, but we could tell he was loving it because he didn't want to stop riding the trains. This is a picture of Maddox and his Great-Grandpa Ed.

Maddox and Mommy

Maddox and Auntie Nicole

Maddox, Uncle Tyler and Grandpa

This picture needs it's own post, but it happened last week and, well, the whit I had about it is gone because I can't remember all the other terrible things that happened that morning to make it a no-good-awful-very-bad-day. Any way, I am very talented, I broke half my cereal bowls in one fell...er...drop, I guess. I learned my lesson not to fill my hands too full of dishes. I was putting away a stack of 6 bowls and they slipped out of my hands onto the counter and I broke 4 of them. So, now I need to find new cereal bowls because 4 just isn't enough! They were a wedding gift 4 years ago and I'm doubtful that Bed Bath and Beyond still carries them.

On a super fun note, my brother Tyler and his wife Nicole are going to be in town this weekend for her brother's wedding, so we get to spend Saturday with them! I'm really excited to see them!


The Bailey Family said...

Your blog is so cute! My husband and I make scrabble tile pendants. I was wandering if you could possibly put the link to our shop on your blog?? We are trying to get more exposure with our designs. It would help us so much! here's the link. http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=6022239

jacquelyn said...

that is adorable! does he sell tickets(=
sorry about the dishes thing... i am always carrying way too many dishes too, so far so good though!

Nicole said...

Hahaha I love the pictures :-) I was waiting for you to put them up! :-)
I'm still sad about Maddox's feet for that day :-( Poor guy.
Can't wait to see you guys too! Yay!

Shelley said...

He's getting so big!! What a serious face that was. He must have been really interested in everything that was going on.