October 28, 2008

I Just Needed to Share

Here's some pictures from Sunday. We've had gorgeous 70 degree weather the last 3 days, so we've been taking advantage of some outside time before the rain starts!

I look like a retard, but hey, it's about the fun he's having!

This looks totally posed, but really he just fell down and then looked cute:-)

Oh, look, a picture of me, you don't find those every day! (I'm generally the photographer)

And, here's a healthy dose of cheese doled out by the one and only King of Cheese.


Joel and Andi said...

I am jealous. We had a high of 49 degress here. I just keep thinking that I am not ready for winter, but here it comes.

Tyler Reitz said...

I can't even believe that last picture. HAHA. It is awesome! He looks like a miniature teen ager or something! Unreal.

Andrea said...

Those are great pics...love the last one! haha!! It definitely made me smile! :)

Mama Zen said...

I love that second picture!

Candice said...

Wonderful pictures, thanks for sharing! We have the same book that Maddox is looking at in the last picture:) I just noticed on you countdown to baby girl coming that you've named her Juliette Ruth, is that right? Very pretty:)

GroundedFitness said...

aw how cute!

I never have any pictures of me either- its a very rare occassion.

so jealous of your weather!

Kelly Turner

Meaghan said...

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We are also doing a big surprise giveaway in November so be sure to get in on that one!


Cheryl said...

very cute! Bryce loves playing in the leaves too. We have been enjoying 70s here too. yeah for Indian summers!

Meggie said...

Love the pictures!! Maddox is super funny. :)