April 25, 2008

Nice People

Okay, so we caved and bought a new TV yesterday with our "tax return". Kyle's been wanting one and we have the money now, so why not!?! It's nothing huge or fancy, but it will do the trick quick nicely:-)

Now, onto the real reason why I'm writing this post. I'm all about saving a buck. Seriously, I'm a cheap-skate most of the time. But, when it comes to large companies trying to save a buck by outsourcing customer-no-service, it's NOT doing good things for them!!! We've had satellite TV since Maddox was born because we found we don't get out much to go to movies or anything, so we put our monthly "fun money" to paying for satellite.

We've been being overcharged $5 a month since it started because the guy that did our installation gave us mis-information and he hooked up a second TV telling us it was free when really it going to cost $5 a month because we don't have a phone land-line. The first 3 times I called to discuss the matter I ended up speaking with customer-no-service reps over-seas. It's obvious, just because you call yourself "Janet" doesn't mean you're American! Any way, they were extremely unhelpful and one of the reps sent us this modem box thingy telling us it would revert the charges if we hooked it up. We were sent a modem that needed to be hooked up to a land-line. Whoops. And, the charges continued.

I haven't been in the mood to make an 1 hour conversation over-seas to get no-where, so I've put it off....for like 9 months. Really.

Today, on our bill I noticed a $5 late fee because our credit card on file wouldn't go through and they didn't bother to let us know until a month later. So, I mustered up the courage to make the phone call and kill 2 birds with one stone. I wasn't sent over-seas! SERIOUSLY! All 3 people I spoke with were very nice, easy to understand and as helpful as they could be and within 15 minutes the charges were gone and I was promised not to get any more!! YEAH!!!

April 24, 2008

Anger at TV Stations

I'm angry at TV stations right now. You wanna know why? Because they're forcing me to want a new TV. A wide screen TV. They're forcing me to spend our government stipend on a new TV. I really do believe that's why the government is sending us that money. It's a big 'ol dumb conspiracy!!!

I'm getting really tired of watching TV now and having half the stinkin' picture off the screen. Watching The Office the other night, Michael was talking and almost completely cut out of the picture!!! I was watching the news last night and on the 7 day forecast, TODAY was cut out of the picture and so was Day 7. Now, I'm only getting a 5 day forecast!

I find it extremely irritating. I know that everything is going high def in 2009, but that doesn't mean it has to be WIDE SCREEN, too! We have a fairly newish TV. Kyle bought it before we got married only 4 years ago! It's a fine TV, really!

I'm irritated...

And, probably going to buy a new TV in about an hour.

Stupid government conspiracy.

Picture of My Clean Room!

I promised an "After" picture of my room and I never posted it. So, here it is for your viewing enjoyment.

April 23, 2008

My "Little" Brother Tyler

Tyler is almost 4 years younger than me, that's why I call him my "little" brother, but he's really bigger than me, so that's why there are quotes.

Any way, he's been reffing lacrosse and here are couple of silly pictures of him from Nicole's (his wife) blog. He's funny and I love him!

April 21, 2008

We Interupt This Very Special Day

to bring you a VERY special announcement! (No, I'm not pregnant)

I could keep this to myself, but that would just be selfish. So, if you like the chance of winning something. Go over here and check this out!

Yes, that's right, it's the Bloggy Giveaway Carnival yet again.

I just can't resist some possible great free stuff, so I have not done much else so far today. Good thing it's my birthday, eh!?!

It's My Party and I'll Cry if I Want to....

Well, I'm not going to cry today, I'm just going to be celebrating my birthday!!! By...

doing laundry

cleaning my house

No, just kidding...I am going to do those things, but I'm also going to celebrate my birthday with my hot husband and adorable son. I think we're going to go to California Pizza Kitchen or P.F. Changs. Woohoo!! And, we'll probably hit a few stores on the way up and back because we enjoy doing things like that.

Any way, I'm going to enjoy my birthday and not do anything I don't want to do today!

I'm old, BTW...25...seriously, I feel like I'm getting old!

April 19, 2008


for the lack of posting.

I was in Boise earlier this week to visit with my family. Kevin and Shelley were there from Texas, so I couldn't miss the opportunity to go see them.

Now, I'm buried in laundry and such.

Molly's baby shower is today and I need to exchange a bed-side table at Ikea that came scratched.
That's my exciting life!!!

April 13, 2008

Spring Cleaning & a Birthday

I know I'm not the only one out there "Spring Cleaning"! Actually, this is my first attempted day at "Spring Cleaning". Sort of dumb day as it's Sunday and that's one of our busiest days of the week, but I'm trying my darndest. I have one main reason why I'm tackling our Master Bedroom today. My Birthday is coming up and I requested something very specific from Kyle and I really only feel like I deserve it if my room is clean and ready for it.

I want this bed from Ikea. We've never had a head board for our bed and I feel like now that I'm grown-up (25 on the 21st) I need a "Big Girl Bed". I love this bed because of it's clean lines, but still is soft because of the curved top. This one fits my personality perfectly. So, there you have it, the reason why I'm cleaning my bedroom. Here are some pictures of the "before" for your viewing pleasure and my humiliation. Disclaimer: These were taking mid-cleaning, so things actually look worse than before I started. Plus, I'm unpacking from our trip last week, too.

April 12, 2008

Tax Season

Most people love this time of year because they anticipate a tax return.

Not us.

I DREAD this time of year. I put off doing our taxes as long as possible. Not that I actually do them, but I just don't encourage Kyle to do them. I suppose we should just do them Feb. 1 and get over the shock rather than living in dread for 10 weeks, but hey.

So, we finally did our taxes yesterday and it was about what I expected. We got enough from State to pay Federal. Woopdedo. At least, we don't have to pay anything! And, after the stimulus that is expected to come in June, we'll actually be up some money. So, I'm not going to complain.

Because Kyle is a pastor, we get a "tax benefit", which, I am beginning to see as not much of a tax benefit. They (the IRS and everybody you ask) say that our "housing allowance" ($2,000) is "tax free". If I hear another person say that, I'm going to scream! IT'S NOT TAX FREE!!! We owe "self-employment tax" (social security and Medicare) on it. Thus, it not being tax free. People say, "it's only 15%". DO THE MATH, PEOPLE!!! 15% of $24,000 a year is $3600!!! That is not taken out of our paycheck and that we owe to the federal government.

Needless to say, I'm thankful that we didn't have to pay anything, but disappointed that we're not getting much back.

April 10, 2008

More Pictures!!!

Taking a child to Disneyland has got to be one of the coolest things ever. Everything was just amazing to Maddox and he really did have a blast. We can't wait to take him back in 5 years or so hopefully, with a couple of younger siblings.

Time to Stop and Smell the Flowers

Maddox and Auntie Heidi

Maddox Getting Down and Groovy at the Wedding

Disneyland!!! Maddox enjoyed Goofy from a distance, but didn't want Goofy to pay attention to him.

Maddox and Mommy

Maddox and Daddy (waiting for Grandpa Paul and Lola Inday to get to Disneyland)

Ringing a Doorbell in Toon Town

Lola Inday, Grandpa Paul, Chin (Inday's son, I guess Maddox's uncle), Maddox and Daddy

Maddox's New Game (isn't it cute!?!)

Maddox Driving His Own Autopia Car

Maddox with 2 Pooh's. We let Maddox pick out a stuffed animal at Disneyland, we couldn't resist. His favorite stuffed animal he owns is a classic Pooh bear (the lighter one in the picture), he's obsessed with the nose, I don't know what it is, but he loves the nose, he rubs the nose, and disgustingly, sucks on the nose. I handed him a new yellow Pooh at the Disney store and he immediately checked the nose, not bad. I then gave him about 4-5 other stuffed animals, a Donald Duck, a Goofy, etc. he checked their noses. Nope, only Pooh would do. So, now he has 2 Poohs.

Sorry, for all the pictures with the pacifier. With a boy running on practically no naps, it's a must!

April 8, 2008

California Pictures

The Plane Flight

My Little Beach BumMaddox's First In-N-Out

The Cousins (the tallest boy and girl in blue shirt are 2nd cousins), Little Emily avoided the picture, though, so she's not there.

Padre's Game

Maddox (14 Mos.) and James (10 Mos.) Playing

Maddox's First Swinging Experience (He was completely unamused)

The "Boat Houses" Across the Street

The Wedding

All the Brothers and Sisters
That's all for now! I've got more from Disneyland!

April 7, 2008

We're Baaaaaack!!!

I know most of you didn't even know we were gone, but some of you started figuring it out. I just don't like broadcasting to the whole world when we're not going to be home, so that's why I didn't say anything about it! But, we're back now, so it's all good.

As you saw from my previous post, Kyle's sister was married. She lives near San Diego, so we flew down there for a week. It was such an absolute blast. All of Kyle's family was there...EVERYBODY and it was just too much fun to see everyone. We stayed in a townhouse vacation rental with Kyle's other sister, Alene, and her 3 kids who are 11, 9 and 5. The first day, we went to SeaWorld, the 2nd day we hung out at the beach and kicked back, the 3rd day we went to a Padre's game and had a little surprise 60th birthday party for Kyle's mom, the 4th day we hung out with Kyle's dad and had the rehearsal dinner at the freezing cold beach, the 5th day was the pamper party and the wedding, and then yesterday we went to Disneyland!!! It was a very full, fun trip and we're home and exhausted. I'll post more pictures soon.

April 5, 2008

Heidi and Chris's Wedding

Kyle's sister, Heidi, was married to Chris today. It was a beautiful ceremony in a little park overlooking the ocean. The weather was a little on the chilly side, but we survived. Afterwards, we went the reception at Chris's parent's house and had a wonderful reception. There was AMAZING food. I've seriously never had such good reception food. YUM! There was an open bar where I have to say I drank my very first Rum and Coke. The Coke wasn't half bad, took a little getting used to, but it was good.

Before the wedding, Heidi treated the wedding party, Moms and sisters (and in-laws) to a spa afternoon. It was so fun. I had a leg and hand treatment and had my hair washed and blow dried with an extra special head massage( I LOVE my hair today!). It was a very relaxing morning, and much needed!!!

April 2, 2008


Can one eat too much In N' Out in a one week time frame???

I don't think so.

Mmm...In N' Out the best burger joint in the world.