April 8, 2008

California Pictures

The Plane Flight

My Little Beach BumMaddox's First In-N-Out

The Cousins (the tallest boy and girl in blue shirt are 2nd cousins), Little Emily avoided the picture, though, so she's not there.

Padre's Game

Maddox (14 Mos.) and James (10 Mos.) Playing

Maddox's First Swinging Experience (He was completely unamused)

The "Boat Houses" Across the Street

The Wedding

All the Brothers and Sisters
That's all for now! I've got more from Disneyland!


Ellie said...

Wow. He is getting SO big! I am looking forward to seeing both of you in a few days!

Shelley said...

ha ha...I just posted with my old Blogger account. I'm special.

Candice said...

Emily, Your little boy is so cute. He is a very handsome little guy. He looks very happy--I can tell that you are a good mommy, and Kyle is a great Daddy. Thanks for sharing the photos.

Candice said...

I tried to fix it but didn't work. I posted under Ryan the first time, but I didn't mean to. Oh well