April 13, 2008

Spring Cleaning & a Birthday

I know I'm not the only one out there "Spring Cleaning"! Actually, this is my first attempted day at "Spring Cleaning". Sort of dumb day as it's Sunday and that's one of our busiest days of the week, but I'm trying my darndest. I have one main reason why I'm tackling our Master Bedroom today. My Birthday is coming up and I requested something very specific from Kyle and I really only feel like I deserve it if my room is clean and ready for it.

I want this bed from Ikea. We've never had a head board for our bed and I feel like now that I'm grown-up (25 on the 21st) I need a "Big Girl Bed". I love this bed because of it's clean lines, but still is soft because of the curved top. This one fits my personality perfectly. So, there you have it, the reason why I'm cleaning my bedroom. Here are some pictures of the "before" for your viewing pleasure and my humiliation. Disclaimer: These were taking mid-cleaning, so things actually look worse than before I started. Plus, I'm unpacking from our trip last week, too.


jacquelyn said...

we were thinking of buying a bed a few months ago, and this is one of the ones we thought about. ikea has such afforadable fun stuff. other beds i have seen just like this one cost like 1000 bucks, so crazy. very cute... so are you saying that you are getting for your birthday or just cleaning in hopes you will (=

cheryl said...

Good for you getting a jump on spring cleaning! And Happy birthday to you too! For me my spring cleaning will entail packing everything up. We are moving to Boise in May. Jim got the transfer and was told to be there in 2-3 weeks!! ACK!