April 10, 2008

More Pictures!!!

Taking a child to Disneyland has got to be one of the coolest things ever. Everything was just amazing to Maddox and he really did have a blast. We can't wait to take him back in 5 years or so hopefully, with a couple of younger siblings.

Time to Stop and Smell the Flowers

Maddox and Auntie Heidi

Maddox Getting Down and Groovy at the Wedding

Disneyland!!! Maddox enjoyed Goofy from a distance, but didn't want Goofy to pay attention to him.

Maddox and Mommy

Maddox and Daddy (waiting for Grandpa Paul and Lola Inday to get to Disneyland)

Ringing a Doorbell in Toon Town

Lola Inday, Grandpa Paul, Chin (Inday's son, I guess Maddox's uncle), Maddox and Daddy

Maddox's New Game (isn't it cute!?!)

Maddox Driving His Own Autopia Car

Maddox with 2 Pooh's. We let Maddox pick out a stuffed animal at Disneyland, we couldn't resist. His favorite stuffed animal he owns is a classic Pooh bear (the lighter one in the picture), he's obsessed with the nose, I don't know what it is, but he loves the nose, he rubs the nose, and disgustingly, sucks on the nose. I handed him a new yellow Pooh at the Disney store and he immediately checked the nose, not bad. I then gave him about 4-5 other stuffed animals, a Donald Duck, a Goofy, etc. he checked their noses. Nope, only Pooh would do. So, now he has 2 Poohs.

Sorry, for all the pictures with the pacifier. With a boy running on practically no naps, it's a must!


cheryl said...

What a cutie he has gotten to be! I totally understand about the pacifier in all the pictures. that's where we are with Bryce too.(more because of teething though than a lack of sleep.) And bryce has a thing for tags. the tag on his stuffies has to make a certain noise or feel a certain way.

Shelley said...

That lil' boy has my heart.

jacquelyn said...

wow he is so adorable!
how much fun is that! i went to disneyland for the first time when i was 23 )= we will have to take our kids before they hit their twenties!
that is so awesome you guys were able to take some time off and have fun down there.

Candice said...

Enjoy the pictures! Thanks for your comment on my page Emily.

Crystal Paine said...

You won something over on my blog. Be sure to go check it out and then email me so I can get your prize to you!

moneysavingmom AT gmail.com

Nicole said...

VERY cute pictures!! :-)

Jill said...

I can't wait to take our future kids to Disneyland! We took my nephew and niece, and it was awesome. You get a whole different perspective when you have little kids. My nephew Quin LOVED Buzz Lightyear. I bet Maddox had a blast, but they do get very tired after a day at Disneyland