April 24, 2008

Anger at TV Stations

I'm angry at TV stations right now. You wanna know why? Because they're forcing me to want a new TV. A wide screen TV. They're forcing me to spend our government stipend on a new TV. I really do believe that's why the government is sending us that money. It's a big 'ol dumb conspiracy!!!

I'm getting really tired of watching TV now and having half the stinkin' picture off the screen. Watching The Office the other night, Michael was talking and almost completely cut out of the picture!!! I was watching the news last night and on the 7 day forecast, TODAY was cut out of the picture and so was Day 7. Now, I'm only getting a 5 day forecast!

I find it extremely irritating. I know that everything is going high def in 2009, but that doesn't mean it has to be WIDE SCREEN, too! We have a fairly newish TV. Kyle bought it before we got married only 4 years ago! It's a fine TV, really!

I'm irritated...

And, probably going to buy a new TV in about an hour.

Stupid government conspiracy.


Katie said...

I know, seriously. I think we won't buy one for a while, because the new HD ones are so expensive! Chris and I are getting quite annoyed because we rearranged our living room and now our tv is further away, and we need a bigger one. You could also get a converter box, but that sounds too complicated to me!

Jill said...

It is a conspiracy. Stupid TV and government. We don't really watch TV (actually, we don't get any channels because we're too cheap to get cable). But we download shows and watch them on our computer. But Andy wants a new HDTV anyway so we can invite people over to watch movies. What a nice guy he is.