April 6, 2009

This Blows

Saturday night, we were driving home from our friends house about 45 minutes away. Kyle's stomach was hurting. About 2 miles down the freeway he asked me to pull over (I was driving because he didn't feel well) and he threw up. He never throws up. I think since I've known him he's thrown up once. My throat was starting to feel scratchy. Wonderful. He's got the flu (or food poisoning) and I have a cold. Maddox has already been fighting something. Green snot, cough, etc. We didn't sleep Saturday night because Kyle was up throwing up ever 45 minutes and I had a sore throat like none-other.

Sunday morning, we missed our Palm Sunday service because we were all miserable. I was feeling the best (except for Juliette), so I was on "carrying for everybody" duty. Sunday was the first day that Maddox actually acted sick. So that was fun. Down right exhausting in fact. Last night (Sunday), I went to bed and woke up at midnight and threw up. I threw up all night long and well into the morning.


So, here I am, with a cold and the flu! Kyle was feeling better today, so he was on "carrying for everybody" duty. Luckily, Maddox is feeling better today. Unfortunately, I still need to nurse Juliette and I wasn't able to keep any liquids down for a long time. She seems to be getting enough to eat, though. I really wasn't wanting to have to go to the ER for an IV and I probably would have ended up there had I not stopped puking when I did.

I think I've figured out that I've thrown up this year more than I have in my entire life combined! I threw up every day for the first 3 months of my pregnancy with Juliette and then ended up with the flu when I was pregnant with her, too.

So far, Juliette hasn't picked up any of the germs and we're praying it stays that way because a fever before they're 8 weeks old is an emergency situation. Please pray for her. I've been nursing her very frequently hoping to give her all the anti-bodies I can.


Anonymous said...

Oh, that sounds so awful. I hope that you didn't get something from us?! But we ate at the same place and we are all fine... so it must be a bug. Nurse nurse nurse and she will get what she needs to stay healthy! Hope it all ends soon!

Hannah said...

That's terrible! Very miserable. It's horrible having to care for little kids when your sick too! Praying for you guys and hope you're all feeling better soon. xoxo

Cheryl said...

praying for you all. hope you all feel better soon.

Shelley said...

I'm soooo sorry to hear you are going through this. Praying for you all!