December 20, 2007

Play Dates

Tonight, Kyle went and hung out with 2 friends and I went with Maddox to hang out with one of Kyle's friend's wives and their son who is 1 month older than Monkey. It was great fun to watch the boys play together. Although, I realized something vital tonight...I need to do this more often with Monkey. Watching the two boys fight over the same one silly toy all night long showed me that it really isn't too early to have Monkey playing with other kids to teach him how to share. There is only one other baby in the nursery his age at church and she is a real go-getter and doesn't stay sitting long enough to play. Of course, it's also good for him socially. I guess I'm at a loss of where to know where to go to meet people who have kids Monkey's age for play dates. Obviously, there isn't anybody in the church, so where do I go? How about I start stalking people in the grocery store who have babies his age. Doesn't that sound like a swell idea? I guess I'll just have to keep my eyes and ears peeled for another mommy who might be in the same boat.

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