December 5, 2007

Haven Challenge: Day 3

I'm jumping on the laundry wagon today! We're leaving town in less than a week to go back to my home city for my "little" brother's wedding and I, of course, need all of my cutest clothes clean to wear :-)

1. Refresh Your Spirit (5 minutes)

Spent some quality time with God through working on my Bible Study and praying.

3 Things I'm Thankful for:

1. My wonderful family. They are such a blessing to me!
2. A warm place to live. Sometimes I complain about my house and really, I shouldn't, it's warm and dry inside.
3. God's total provision for us of good health, financial security, etc.

2. Take Time to Plan (5 minutes)

To Do List:

1) Exercise
*got side-tracked by a phone call- I should have called back later!*
2) Make applesauce
3) Grocery Shopping
4) Take care of church utility bills
5) Organize cabinets in laundry room
6) Sweep and mop laundry room floor

3. Do Something (10 minutes)

My laundry room is CLEAN! It looks so nice and sparklie!


Pesto Pasta
French Bread

I have only started one load of laundry.

Even though I was up earlier than normal, I had a clingy baby, so I'm getting off to another late start. But, here goes nothing!

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