December 19, 2007


So, I'm doing two reviews right now. I was sent a package of Pampers diapers and corresponding wipes that I am using on Monkey and then I am going to write a review to be read here on my blog once I'm finished with them. The other one is about beverage consumption. A market research company sent me a palm pilot to use for 2 weeks and I record every beverage I consume throughout the day. It's really not bad and at the end I'm supposed to get $60. They already sent me $10. The other one with the diapers was kind of nice because I got over a weeks worth of diapers and a months worth of wipes for free. I won't complain :-) Any way, I'm feeling like a lab rat, lol. Except that I'm not having chemicals pumped into me to see how I react...I think I prefer what I'm doing!


Shelley said...

That is SO awesome!! But what do you drink other than water and tea?

Thanks for your super awesome list comment! Made me smile!

jacquelyn said...

how did they get you into that? do you write them?