December 6, 2007

How I Feel...

Honestly, it's been awhile since I've felt this good.

I know that the word "this" isn't a very good descriptive word for how I'm feeling.


I'm feeling GREAT!

I've been really productive the last few days as you can tell by my posts below and it's making me feel really good about myself, about being a good wife and about being a good mom.

I feel like I have more time for myself, which is weird because I've been doing more. I just realized how much time I could successfully waist in a day reading blogs and surfing the web, oh, and playing video games. Yes, you heard that right, playing video games. Not one of my finer things to admit, but I really do enjoy them and they suck the precious time I have when Monkey is napping.

If you walked into my house today, you'd honestly see a lot of things out of place, but that's good because I'm actually forcing myself to either find places for the out of place stuff or get rid of it. But, I have a few VERY clean areas and those make me feel great!

Oh, and about the laptop, it was a VERY sad moment. It was on top of Kyle's dresser plugged in and when he came to bed last night he tripped on the cord and it fell just right and totally broke the screen :-( It was so nice, too, because the church just bought him a new one on Monday so he didn't have to use ours any more and it was going to be so nice to have it around for me to use. But, like I said earlier, at least it was just a computer. We're trying to decide if we're going to replace it or not. It's not really something that we need, but it is really nice to have one. I was hoping for a Dyson this Christmas, but we might be replacing the laptop with an Eee PC, instead. We're evaluating things right now. Really trying to think things through.

Monkey just woke up, better go get him!


Hannah P said...

That's so great that you are feeling so good! So were you thinking of getting a Dyson as in a vaccuum cleaner? So JEALOUS! I just saw one in a catalogue the other day ( we need a new vaccuum cleaner). It was only $500 which is supposedly a bargain but don't know how we could fork out so much for a vaccuum cleaner. They're so good though!! I don't want another cheapo again like last time that has hardly lasted us, but not sure what to do.

Emily said...

I'm definitely not buying another cheapo vac like last time, either. But, I decided today that I don't really need one right now and that I'm going to wait until the one we have breaks. I don't feel like spending our well earned savings on it.