December 20, 2007

Thursday To Do

Here we go, off to start another day! I'm focusing on the spare bedroom today because Grandpa Paul (Kyle's dad) is coming for Christmas in just a few days!

1. Quiet time
2. Exercise
3. 1 load of laundry- washed dried
4. Wash spare bedroom sheets & make bed - washed dried
5. Put away ironing board
6. Put away gift wrapping
7. Put suitcases under the spare bed
8. Vacuum Spare Bedroom
9. Clean toilet in front bathroom
10. Wash mirror in front bathroom
11. Sweep front bathroom floors
12. Mop front bathroom floors

1 comment:

Shelley said...

well, my friend, you KICKED my butt in productivity. I pretty much just cried all day. Pathetic really. I did manage to do a load of dishes and some laundry but that is it.