December 9, 2007

Making Due With What You've Got

Kyle and I have an old 50's dining room table that my mom bought at a garage sale for us. It's really cute, it's red formica with metal legs and it's actually quite large when both leaves are in it. I have 4 antique wood chairs that I upholstered with red and white plaid cushions (really very cute). They're fine and they've suited us fine most of our marriage.

There's just one problem...

They're old.

The table sags slightly in the middle when the leaves are in it and a couple of the chairs are starting to break. Actually, I think that they've been broken and the previous owner tried to fix them only to have them start to break on me again. We both really want a new dining room table. The only problem is that we don't just want any 'ol dining room table. We want a dining room table that is going to last us for a really long time. A nice big wood one with matching chairs. Maybe in a nice dark wood. Maybe something like this:
The only problem is is that a nice wood table like that costs a lot of money. Especially one big enough to see at least 8 people. This really isn't in our budget right now. So, I'm trying to make due with what I have. A great simple, inexpensive solution that I have found is table cloths! My grandma gave me a nice red one with gold-ish swirls on it and I put it on my table (without the leaves in it) and I made a cute center piece and it looks so cute. In fact, it looks cute enough to make me feel content with what I have right now. I've decided that this will be my cheap fix until we can afford to buy a new table. I can buy new ones to match the seasons and to mix things up a bit. I found a nice Thanksgiving colored one last year at TJ Maxx for around $7 and it fit my table fully extended and for when it's smaller I just fold the cloth in half.

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