December 21, 2007


This is Kyle and my 3rd Christmas together and obviously, our first Christmas with Monkey. The past 3 years we have gone to either my hometown or to visit Kyle's family. Kyle's dad wanted to take us to Tahoe, NV, but couldn't find a timeshare there, so plans fell apart. We thought it was just going to be the 3 of us.

But, Kyle's dad called us a few weeks ago saying that he wanted to fly up here to celebrate with us. We were of course thrilled to bits to have him come. So, he is flying in on Sunday afternoon. He can't stay for long, just 3 days, but we're so excited that he'll be here to celebrate with us.

We're excited to have a nice quiet holiday this year just the 4 of us. Kyle's mom might come over, but at this point her plans are up in the air. She wanted to bring her boyfriend over but we told her that he wasn't invited due to the circumstances of having Kyle's dad in town.

Christmas Eve we're going to have a nice dinner, either fondue or ham and then go to our church's Christmas Eve service (we've never been to the one at our church because the holiday has been falling on or too close to Sunday to be able to stay in town for it). Christmas day I'm sure we'll all sleep in as long as we can (Monkey will dictate what time we get up) and get up and have a simple breakfast of eggs, bacon and coffee cake. We'll probably open presents and just spend the rest of the day enjoying each other's presence. Monkey usually is plenty of fun to watch and then we'll have Christmas dinner of whatever we didn't have on Christmas Eve (fondue or ham).

I'm excited and I know that Kyle is, too. Monkey doesn't know what is going on this year!


Shelley said...

Sounds quite nice!

Candice said...

Hey Emily,

Thanks for the comment on my blog. I appreciate comments, just nice to know that someone read what I wrote. Anyways, your plans for christmas sound very lovely. It will be the first christmas for us to be away form our families, 1st one for Ryan to not be with his family ever. Strange, but we are feeling very blessed as God is reminding us of all that he has done for us this year. Ryan just got promoted to roof shop manager at his job with a raise, so that is one big praise. The boys are healthy and we have all are needs met. We are very blessed. I am really excited about my gift for Ryan--an espresso machine, but the best part is I got it for free! It's brand new, only been used once, this couple in our church just decided they didn't want their machine. I was going to buy it form them but she just gave it to me! He really wanted one and doesn't think he'll ever get one, at least not this christmas. I'm happy about it...
Anyways, I'm glad things are well for your family. Your baby is so cute!

God bless,