January 15, 2008

WFMW: Debbie Meyer Green Bags

I used to get so sick and tired of my produce spoiling. I try to plan ahead and only buy what I know I can reasonably use in a week. But, it never fails that I buy too much or don't use some and a week later it is toast. Well, literally toast, but a spoiled heap that starts stinking up my fridge, yes.

My mom bought me some of these bags for Christmas and I LOVE them! They are reusable bags that you put your produce in and they absorb or kill green house gases that spoil your produce. I'm not sure how long of a fridge life it gives your produce, but nothing I've put in them has spoiled. You can even put your bananas in them on the counter and they don't ripen as quickly. Great way to maintain that perfect banana ripeness.

These bags are pretty nifty, and they Work for Me!


Candice said...

Hmmm, that's really cool, I've never heard of them before. Where did your mom get them? Thanks for your prayers Emily, always appreciate prayer! It's such a blessing to see God's faithfulness in answering our prayers...and even when he doesn't answer right away that too is a blessing as our faith is stretched and we have to lean on God even more.
Have a good night! Love,Candice

Marcia said...

what a great idea - I'm going to see if they will send to South Africa!

Lovetts said...

Those bags sound interesting. Are they reusable or do you have to keep buying them?

Emily said...

The bags are reusable, so that's a nice bonus.

Janice said...

My Aunt gave me a few of these bags. They have been working great She said you could rinse and reuse them at least 5 times. I gave a couple of the bags to different members of my family and they are really happy with them.