January 10, 2008

We're Home!

We were at the coast for 3 days with about 100 other pastors from the Pacific Northwest Christian and Missionary Alliance district at a little retreat. It was a really nice relaxing time. We always enjoying being refreshed with other people who totally understand where we're at in life. We were up way too late last night laughing our heads off with about 15 other people (mostly youth pastors and their wives) crammed in a very small room. But, it was fun, something we only get to do about twice a year. They put us up at a GORGEOUS hotel and feed us awesome food and it's all on the church, so that makes it 100% better.

We also heard back from the mechanic and the news wasn't great, but we also sort of expected it. We've been meaning to take it in for quite some time to have some tune-up type stuff done on it and just hasn't had a chance to do it since it's our only working vehicle. So, it was just a good chance to get all that stuff done. The back drivers side door lock stopped working with the automatic locks, so we that was something that we knew needed to be done. The reason it went in was because of a dead battery. But, they found lots of corrosion in the engine that needs to be cleaned up. Plus some spark plugs and a coolant change. The total is going to be about $600 plus the cost of the rental. But, we figure, the car is 5 years old now, and it has 87,000 miles, so it was in need of some regular maintenance. Hopefully, this will keep it running for a good long while now. Such is life, right?


Shelley said...

Sounds like you had a great time! How fun!! It's always nice to have some down time with like-minded people.

That's a bummer about the Jeep, but I guess it's better than it could have been!

Hey when are you coming to town?

cheryl said...

I'm glad you had a good trip. did you take Maddox with you? Sorry about the jeep. We just had to put $770 into my car which was unexpected. It has only 66,000 miles but then I have never had to take it to the shop until now.