January 16, 2008

Thursday To Do

Alrighty, I seem to be flying through this week accomplishing lots, so I'm going to try to keep it up! The house is slowly pulling itself together and I like that. The thing that makes me the most happy is that through all of this there are 2 rooms in my house that deep cleaned and I have maintained almost absolutely spotless, my master bathroom and my laundry room. I think we're encroaching on a habit (doesn't it take like 28 days to form a habit?). Any way, that makes me happy. That's eventually how I want my whole house to be!

General Housekeeping:

1 load of laundry
Vacuum rug in living room
Sweep floors in living room
Clear off sofa
Empty laundry basket (no, it doesn't have laundry in it) Yeah! I can use it for laundry now!
Clean stove top
Sweep laundry room and quick straighten



Taking Time for Me

Quiet Time
Gilmore Girls and Knitting
Blogging and e-mail

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