January 15, 2008

Tuesday To Do

I tried so hard to get my list of things done yesterday, but after needing to run some errands, it totally killed my morning and then I had to work, so that killed part of my afternoon. So, my house isn't much better than it was on Sunday. But, today, I've mapped out a simple game plan separated into 4 categories of my life that are all important.

Mothering: (45 min.) - This is an all day thing, but these are specific things I need to do aside from making sure my son is well fed and happy :-)
Give Monkey a bath
Straighten up Monkey's room
Take out Monkey's diaper pail

: (1 hour)
Unload dishwasher
Fold and put away laundry
Put away Christmas decorations (yes, you read that right)
Fix dinner

: (30 min.)
Work on quarterlies
Call Joyce and schedule an appointment

: (1 hour)
Watch Gilmore Girls and knit(yep, I picked up knitting and I LOVE it!)

Here goes nothing...

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