January 29, 2008

They're Boys!!

My friend Hannah, who lives in Australia had a little boy on January 22nd. She had him at home in a birthing tub. So cool. He weighed 7lb. 13 oz. She didn't know what she was having and we were hoping for a boy since she already has a little 17 month old girl.

January 24, a childhood friend had a boy. I don't know any information, though...just that he was born.

January 25, one of my childhood friends, Shannon, (we've known each other so long our parents actually went to high school together in CA) had a little boy weighing 7 lb. 15 oz.

My best friend Meg had a little baby boy yesterday at 6pm. It sounded like she had a really fairly easy labor and delivery. More power to her for going all natural and having him at a private birthing center! She didn't know what she was having, but we were almost positive it was a girl. Surprise! Any way, he was 8lb. 8 oz. and 22 in. long. Takes after his daddy in height! My Monkey beat him in weight, though...little chunk.

So, now my little Monkey will have lots of friends.

Oh, and just to keep going with the boy theme, 2 of my good friends who are due in May and June are having boys!


Shelley said...

Seriously...it's insane that they were all due so close and ALL had BOYS!

Nuts I tell you...just nuts.

OH! Plus Mandi and Jared's little boy!

AND all your friends that are still expecting are having boys.

Who are all these boys going to marry when they are older if there are no girls anywhere!

Qtpies7 said...

I had a rather complicated birth with my first child and I was in the hospital for 16 days. In that 16 days I had the ONLY boy until the last 2 days. Amazing! No wonder all his friends are girls.

Rain said...

I would love to have another little boy! My darling son is outnumbered by three sisters.

Thanks for visitng my blog!