January 30, 2008

Time Killer

What to know the best way to kill hours and hours of time? Go over to Rocks in my Dryer's giveaway blog and you'll quickly find that there are over 800 people giving away stuff. Yep, that's right, free stuff. Lots and lots of gift cards this time around. I entered like 90% of them last year and I won 6 things ($10 Starbucks gift card, a cool book mark, a pretty photo and well, 3 other things I never received-lame on their part, but I really just wanted the Starbuck's card and the bookmark). Any way, it's a serious time sucker, but maybe I'll win something this time around.


Shelley said...

sweet! I did this last night...I am now thinking positive thoughts.


CC said...

I entered a ton... spent my whole sick day entering!

Just want to say "hi" from another NW mom and "Gilmore Girls" fan :) :)

Scattered Mom said...

That's really rotten that people didn't send you the things you won.

If you win mine, you'll definitely get it! :)

It's not closed quite yet...but soon!