January 11, 2008

The Car is Finished

Kyle is on his way over to return the rental car and pick up the freshly fixed Jeep. I'm so thankful that it's finished and that I can drive again! In 3 months I'll be old enough to drive a rental car, but just not yet :-p I feel very trapped not being able to run even the smallest errands and to hit all of my favorite stores for cheap/free deals, sheesh! Maybe it's been good for me, or maybe it's just made me a lazy butt (my house is a pit - but, really when isn't it?).

On a REALLY important side note. There are new episodes of Monk AND Psych tonight and well, that just makes me happy in every way! Now, if only that stupid writer's strike would end!

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Candice said...

I'm glad that you got your car fixed. It seems that you've had problems with this car before. Is that right? Have you guys ever thought of getting a toyota? I don't know much about cars except that toyotas are supposed to be really reliable. Anyways, it sounds like you guys were refreshed at your retreat...what a blessing! Much love to you!