May 18, 2008

Please Excuse Me...

I know I've been missing in action as of late, but please excuse me because I've been enjoying the GORGEOUS weather with my family! Friday it was almost 100 degrees! Pretty unheard of in these parts this early in the year. So, we played in the hose and Kyle mowed the lawn. Yesterday, we went to Fred Meyer and picked up a blue plastic pool and we hung out in the backyard for a good part of the day yesterday. Basically, we just played all weekend and it was fun, but now my house is a mess! Here are a couple of pictures of our fun weekend:

Here are my three newest hats. I made the blue and green one for Maddox, but he won't keep it on, so I may need to give it to someone else. The two pink ones I made for my friend Iva who is having a little girl in couple of weeks. The pink stripe one took way more time that I was expecting it to and I finished it 5 minutes before I walked out the door to go to her shower. But, it turned out super cute and I was pleased. It's not perfect, but for how complicated it was, I'm not going to complain.


jacquelyn said...

he looks so much older!
it was hot here too, but a few degrees cooler. it was nice but our house was way too hot!

Nicole said...

Cute pictures of Maddox! :-)
And good job on the hats! Wow!

Shelley said...

holy crap....he's so much older looking! He's so cute though!

Those hats are awesome! I want one in my size.

I can't believe how hot it is there and how not hot it is here!!

Shelley said...

Do you think you could make me one of these?