May 23, 2008

Just a Note

So, my husband, aka. Kyle, is totally awesome. He's doted on me hand and foot and has helped out so much with Maddox. It has made this cold not seem quite so bad. Any way, I just needed to say how totally cool he is.

This cold is brutal. Complete and total nasal congestion, full body aches with side of a cough. I never get coughs, but this went straight for my lungs, dumb cold. I have no voice, I just whisper. Kyle likes it when I whisper at the dog assuming that she'll listen to me :-)

Maddox has seemed to be fine today, just a little bit of a runny nose. Kyle's coming down with it now, though. I had a feeling that would be the case, this thing seems to be quite nasty.

We're hoping to go see Prince Caspian tomorrow, but that will depend upon how Kyle is feeling.


jacquelyn said...

those are the worst colds, i hate them!! i get those like several times a year! what a great husband to be so nurturing and compassioniate, too bad he has to get it now though )=
hope you all feel better soon.

cheryl said...

we feel your misery Emily. Bryce and I have the same yucky cold. The humidifier helps alot!