May 4, 2008

Green Smoothie Recipe

Since I got a few comments on this, I thought I'd post my made up recipe here. Basically, you can do whatever you want to make a fabulous green smoothie. Omit what you don't like and add what you do! YUMMO!

Amount : 40 oz. Enough for Kyle and I to have 16oz ea. and 8 oz. for the little guy

1 Blender full of dark leafy greens (pre-blended:-) - I use spinach and collard greens (they are way cheaper than spinach and have just as many yummy benefits)
3/4-1c. liquids (however much you need to get the greens blended, really just depends upon your blender...mine isn't the greatest, so I need lots of liquid)
1 c. frozen fruit - I bought a big bag of mixed fruit at Costco, it has peaches, blueberries, strawberries and cantaloupe and it's super yummy and fairly cheap ($1.50lb.ish)
2 bananas (the "secret" ingredient to get the greens taste out of your smoothie - I forgot to add them one day and could totally tell.)

Blend up the greens with the liquid until it's a green smooth liquid. Add the fruit, blend it up, and then blend in the banana and enjoy your muy delicioso green smoothie.

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Shelley said...

We made our first green smoothies yesterday. Delish! I'm so excited about them. It's really inspired toward more nutrient rich eating all around.