May 13, 2008

Newest Craft Project

Shelley started embroidering back in March and it intrigued me, so she hooked me up for my birthday with all of these wonderful supplies:Yesterday, I went to Barnes and Nobel and bought this amazing book with a gift card that I've had since Christmas. It has pages and pages and pages of some of the most wonderful simple iron-on patterns in it.

Last night, I started embroidering simple patterns on some new, plain white cloth diapers that work great for burp cloths. This is how they turned out:

I am making a set of 3 girly ones (pictured above) for a friend that is having a little girl in a few weeks and the other set with the car, a truck and a rocket, will be for a friend who is having a boy. They're so much fun and don't take more than about 20-30 min. a piece. The greatest part is that the middle part of the diapers is so thick that you don't even have to go through all the way to back, so no icky unsightly criss-crossed back.

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Shelley said...

wooo hooooooooo!!!!!

I'm so glad you were able to find and buy that book. It's such a great place to start!

Your stuff looks great!!