May 2, 2008

Exercise is Poopy

I don't like exercising. In fact, I despise it. I've never found that it's a necessity in my life. If I eat moderately, I have always found I can maintain my weight fairly well. I walked pretty much every day when I worked full-time, during my lunch break, but that was more just to get out of the office because 10 hour days can make you feel a little locked inside.

I carry most of my weight in my hips and butt and have never had a problem with my tummy area. At least that was until I had a child. When I was nursing I ended up about 5-7 lbs. lighter than my normal weight (basically, I had not hips or butt), but within a week of stopping nursing I was back to my norm. There's something about having a child that just makes a tummy learn to pooch. I'm not happy with it AT ALL. I really can't complain that much, though, because I have hardly exercised since Maddox was born, let alone do consistent sit-ups.

Exercising is boring.

Any way, I'm trying really hard to do at least 50 sit-ups every day to see if I can get rid of some of the pooch. If I don't get it under control now, I'm afraid it will be there forever. I suppose it's not the end of the world, but there is nothing worse than a saggy belly hanging over my jeans when I sit!!!


Shelley said...

I hear ya, sister. Up until about 6 months ago I didn't ever have a problem with my stomach area but then something stupid happened and my stomach just isn't what it used to be. So I've been doing all sorts of ab exercises recently to hopefully get it back in shape.

Maybe we can keep each other accountable?

Nicole said...

Oh man I dispize working out... Well actually I either love it or hate it, I go through phases. But right now I hate it and have for about a year now lol. I have a free membership to Idaho Athletic club through my work and used it alot in the beginning but for the past year didn't use it at all. Stupid I know, but I hate working out by myself! And I have a tummy pooch problem too, thats really the other place my weight is and has ever been, not counting my boobs, but they're another story lol, and I tried for FOREVER to get rid of the pooch but it never worked, so I gave up lol. Oh well :-)
Oh and sorry I disapeared for a week. My nanny house's internet didn't work all week, well only one day, but not the rest of the week, so I was out of that, and I got lazy and just read people's blogs and didn't blog myself or comment anyone else's, but now I'm going comment crazy and leaving huge comments on yours and Shelley's pg hehe. Hope you like reading all of it :-)

jacquelyn said...

that is so funny, i am totally the opposite. i love exercising but cant seem to get more than a few days in a week (if that)
well, it is certainly not noticeable with your clothing on if there is some sort of pooch in there(= you look fabulous silly!!
i was a bit bummed when valen hit six months and i still wasnt back to pre-pregnancy weight. but i have been ok with it lately. because with my clothes on no one can tell and my husband doesnt care at all. the little bump is so tiny really and who says that we have to be supermodels after giving birth, that is so much pressure! women are beautiful with all their crazy curves and shapes!
but i did do some research on tightening tummy after baby and most sites i looked at were actually against doing crunches, saying they only build muscle behind the fat there so it makes it look worse. if i can remember the site i found some great alternative exercises on i will send it your way.
good luck getting even cuter than you already are!

Lovetts said...

I hear you about a tummy pooch. I have found pilates to be fantastic for flattening that pooch. it worked for me until I got pregnant again lol. I agree though you look fabulous!