May 29, 2008

Infatuation Actually

I've watched a few movies on TV lately that I have never seen and now wish that I had never seen. The first was Wimbledon the second being Love Actually. I'm really disgusted right now by what the media would like to call "love". From both of the movies mentioned above "love" basically means meeting someone, and the next day or a few days later, deciding to have sex with them and calling it "falling in love". Or, being friends with somebody and just deciding you can't hold back your feelings any more for each other, who cares if you're married!!! What is it really? Complete and total infatuation. There is no foundation for these relationships, they are built 100% on feelings and looks. Feelings, which I'm afraid to say, can fool us; and looks, which are fleeting.

Don't get me wrong, I know that these movies aren't real. But these are the messages that we and our kids are being pumped full of! No wonder it's tough for teens to stay pure, they watch movies like these and are told that if it feels right it must be love.

Infatuation really is everywhere. (that's the last line of Love Acutally, only I changed the first word)

Disclaimer: There is a slight possibly I missed the main point of Love Actually because of TV editing due to too many sex scenes.


jacquelyn said...

i am so with you! i pretty much dont watch many movies because of that, it bugs me and i cant enjoy anything else about it. i hate supporting junk.
did you like juno? what did you think?
i cant even imagine what things will be like in ten years. i can only pray that our message as parents is louder than the media and that they learn from us and listen to our guidance. especially with having a girl, it is scary! but justin is such a sweet dad (as is kyle) i bet dahlia will not need boys attention at all! (= dads are so important!

Emily said...

Juno was a lame movie. I felt like it totally told kids that it was fine to have sex with someone even if you don't like them. A really bad message to be sending kids.

Meggie said...

I totally agree. I find that "chick flicks" are pretty much worthless unless they're based on classical fiction. I watched a cute movie last night-- Miss Potter. I don't know how true it was to her real life, but the movie was pretty good.