February 28, 2008

Fevers and Snuggles, Oh My!

Today, my little adorable Monkey woke up with a fever. Really the first one that he's had of any sort of significance in his entire life, you know, all 385 or so days. He's felt warm on some days, but never this hot. I took his temp with our ear thermometer that I hate, it never seems to give an accurate temp, but it's also never said any of our temperatures has been over 98 and today it read at 100, which probably means he was more around 101 or 102.

I digress.

Maddox is not a normally snuggly guy. He's much too busy for that. He'd rather be off playing with all of his toys, of course with Mommy a safe distance away, 5 feet at the very most, his choice not mine, I assure you.

Today, all Maddox wanted to do was snuggle, he would put his head on my shoulder when I was carrying him around. We went to the church and helped Daddy put together some things and afterwards we sat together on the couch, with his sweet little head resting on my chest, and watched an episode of Gilmore Girls. About 30 minutes later, he was sound asleep. I ever so gently moved him to his bed so he would sleep well. Such a sweet moment for me because he never has the patience to sit on the couch with me, unless there is food to be had, that is.

Needless to say, I think it's great that in not-so-great times of sickness, and when feeling run down the most (from carrying 21 pounds of child around all day), God gives me little precious moments of pure joy that just make it all seem much better.

Here's too a good night sleep, even though I'm not counting on it!

Oh, and on a totally funny note, it was quite humorous watching Maddox try to walk today. He's already not very good at it and add a fever to that and you've got yourself one drunk sailor for a little walker!


Shelley said...

Awh, poor lil' fella. I'm glad you get some snuggly time, though!

Donielle said...

We just got over a feverish 4 days a couple weeks ago, and it's the only time my little guy snuggled too. Kind of a bummer that they're sick, but man...I sure relished the hours he spent curled up with me on the couch.
Hope you're little guy is up and running around soon!