February 7, 2008


6am is early.

6am is too early.

6am is too early for my Monkey to wake up.

6am is way too early for Monkey to wake me up.

6am is too early for Monkey to wake me up 3 days in a row.

6am wakeup calls are not something that I like very much, but him waking up happy is most appreciated.

630am the time I put Monkey back to bed this morning whether he wanted to or not, yes, I'm that mean.


Katie said...

hey .. where are you three living? What kind of a pastor position does Kyle have? Just wondering! It's nice to catch up with you, too.

Shelley said...

LOL...you poor thing.

jacquelyn said...

i hear ya!!!! valen does that too, almost every morning about 6am, we have been just puting him back down after we change his diaper and letting him cry for like a half hour cuz there is no way i am getting up! eventually he falls asleep. i cannot wait till he stops this! it is still dark out. i feel for you! sorry to hear you guys have been sick, hope you feel better soon!

ChristiS said...

Yep, I can sympathize! My Adam does the very same thing!