February 8, 2008

Work Frustration

I work part-time for the church doing the bookkeeping. It requires all of about 15 hours of my time a month and I'm well compensated for my time and I get to do it from home. I enjoy doing it because it challenges me and uses a part of my brain I fail to use most of the month (that part that has to look at numbers a lot). I went to reconcile the check book yesterday afternoon during nap time and instead have spent 6 hours trying to troubleshoot a problem. Usually, reconciling takes about 15-30 minutes.

Oh no, not yesterday. I found the problem, but not after many, many frustrating hours. All you have to do it make one little teeny tiny mistake and it can take HOURS to fix. It was a little mistake I had made months ago and I thought that correcting the problem would be no big deal, instead, it messed up reconciliations for pretty much the whole year! Oh well, it's done and now I'm happy.

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