February 11, 2008

Family Visit

My parents are here for Maddox's birthday. We had him dedicated at church yesterday and then we had a little birthday party with my parents, Kyle's mom and some friends of ours from church who have 3 kids. Everybody seemed to have a great time and Maddox sure loved his first cupcake! He gently ate the frosting off the top and then smashed the cupcake and ate it. I think he was pretty happy with his first real taste of sugar :-)

On a side note, today is my first day off of wheat. I'm trying to cut it out for a week and see if it's the root of my skin problems (I have lots of eczema-really dry skin). If it's not, I'm off to a natruopath to see if he can help. I thought I'd try to self-diagnose before pouring tons of money into it.

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thesticklergirl said...

Happy birthday Maddox! Wish we could have been there for the celebration :)

So, Em, is there a reason you think you might be allergic to wheat?