February 14, 2008

And, We're Off...


Tomorrow, we head to a youth conference with 15 students high school students. It's put on by our denomination (The Christian and Missionary Alliance) and they do a fantastic job. There will be over 700 students there this year from the Northwest.

It's getting more difficult to go on these types of things with Maddox, but since we don't have family in town, we just don't have any other options. I suppose my next option would be to just not go, but Kyle likes having my support at things like this, and I really like helping him out. So, we'll just make do and do the best that we can. We missed last year's conference because Maddox was born 4 days before it started, so one of our leaders stepped in and took the kids.

Unfortunately, I just realized that we forgot to find a place for our dog! And, she can't stay locked up in her crate for 3 days! I guess I have a project.

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