February 11, 2009

Pink Invasion

Pink is invading our house!!! Here's a picture of Juliette's newly acquired wardrobe. LOVE IT!

Here is a picture of her 0-3 month clothes drawer. Again, LOVE IT!

Here's a picture of Juliette's room from the door. (The wall to the right has another window with a curtain going to the opposite direction.)

Here's an up close shot of the crib. The sheets are cream with green, brown and 2 shades of pink polka dots. I haven't bought the crib bumper yet.

And, since we're on the pink theme, I thought I'd share the silliness of my son. I grabbed Burger King for lunch yesterday (Kyle was sick and he craves Burger King) and this was the kids meal toy(seriously?). Oh, dear.


Jill said...

I love Juliette's room! It's adorable. Good job!

Anonymous said...

her room looks lovely. looks like you did a good job on the curtains too!
maddox is too cute! Dahlia loves sunglasses!