February 7, 2009

(Almost) 36 Weeks Pregnant

I had my 36 weeks check-up with the mid-wives yesterday. For starters, I gained over 5lbs in just 2 weeks!!! I was absolutely shocked when I saw the scale! I haven't been bad over the last couple of weeks at all, hardly eaten any sugar and we always eat a pretty low-fat diet, so I was completely shocked. The mid-wife wasn't concerned because my over-all weight gain is still okay (as in 1lb away from the higher end of what I'm supposed to gain, why are they so nice!?! I still have 3 weeks left!). Any way, I doubt Juliette took all 5lbs, so, whatever.

They had to do a Strep B test yesterday, so I went ahead and had her check me to see if I was dilated at all. I am already 2cm dilated at the opening and she said my cervix is very "soft". It's hard to know what that really means as far as when she'll come, but it tells us that the contractions I've been feeling have been doing something, just very slowly. Kyle and I were able to go to dinner and a movie last night and I had contractions pretty regularly for about 3 hours.

Any way, the mid-wife and I were able to have a talk about the birth since we're now just about 4 weeks out. As some of you know, Maddox was a pretty good size little boy weighing in at 8lbs. 11oz. and his shoulder got stuck during delivery. Because of my "history", they are obviously concerned about this birth since historically, second babies will be larger than the first. So, they've ordered an estimated fetal weight ultrasound to be done at 38 weeks and depending upon how big it looks like she is, they're most likely going to induce me at 39 weeks (unless, of course, I have her before then). I really don't want to be induced, though, so I'm praying that she would decide to come naturally prior to the induction date

We have a high school youth conference next weekend in Portland that Kyle and I are taking some kids to, so ideally if I go into labor on my own in the next few weeks, she would at least wait until next Monday. (Love how I'm trying to plan this? I'm such a planner, I can't help myself, lol.) Another thing I'd love, but you know, also not in my hands, is that I'd like it if her birthday was in March just because Maddox's birthday is already in February. Silly.

I wish childbirth was more predictable. All of the unknowns are hard because really, you can't plan specifically for it.

Goodbye for now!


Anonymous said...

It's not bad to have a wishlist - as long as you don't allow yourself to get too attached to the wishes that are out of your control. Juliette will come at the perfect time and hopefully she will be petite and determined, like her mom :)

Since you are working with midwives I had assumed they would be slower to think about inducing - do you know if they would use the usual inducing drug (I don't remember what its called) or some more natural method?

Prayer for perfect timing!


Anonymous said...

i feel like i ate a lot of junkfood the last month or two of both pregnancies but i didnt gain much and both babies werent very big... there must be something in your genes! i will be praying for good timing also and smooth delivery no matter what the size of that sweet little girl!

Candice said...

Hey Emily,

If you have to be induced, I would encourage you to read up on it so you're informed about the different meds that they use and how they affect you and baby. I'll pray you won't have to be induced either! Pitocin is not a fun drug. Also, are you taking any herbs, or drinking any tea? I have really enjoyed red raspberry leaf tea. Either you can steep your own which I have done. YOu can read about it here: http://happyfoody.com/2009/01/26/herbal-love/
or you can buy Red Rasp­berry Leaf Tea /Preg­nancy Tea, which can probably be found at Fred Meyer I'm sure.

Also,have you heard of Evening Prim­rose Oil? It is an excel­lent source of prostaglandins, which read­ies your cervix for labor. Start at 38 weeks on at 6 tablets a day (500 mg each). You can find Nature Made Herbs Evening Prim­rose Oil through Amazon. I have not looked at the store yet, but I would think you could find it at the store too. I plan on taking this at 38 weeks. Anyways, I'm thinking of you and praying for you!