February 23, 2009

On Getting Ready

Today, I'm feeling much better after this terribly awful cold. I actually have energy which feels so amazing! Forgot what it was like! Some things fell apart when I was sick, no laundry was done and not much got picked up around here. Thank goodness that I have energy today so that I can hopefully accomplish some things! My bags are not packed to go to the hospital, so hopefully after I am caught up on laundry I can focus on packing up what I will need for my stay there.

The sun is peaking out it's head from behind the rain clouds so I think Maddox and I will go take advantage of that and go on a little walk, something I haven't done much of this pregnancy, unfortunately.

I need to work a little this afternoon for the church (monthly bill time) so that it is done and out of the way before I give birth.

Off to strap on my tennies.


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