February 3, 2009

Much Better End to the Weekend

My weekend did get better!

Sunday was an exhausting day, but good. We had a Superbowl party at the church for the youth and we were there for around 5 hours. It was fun and we had a lot of kids turn out for it! We came home beat. We watched the Office, unfortunately because the post game show went 10 min. into the start of the Office time slot, our DVR didn't record the last 10 min. So, we need to finish watching it on the computer.

My wonderful husband took yesterday off to hang out with us. We took advantage of the time we had to run a few errands that needed to be run before Juliette shows her gorgeous face. So, we went to lunch, ran to Fred Meyer and then ran to Home Depot to pick up a shelf for our utility room.

I've been having contractions 5 minutes apart for most of yesterday afternoon/evening and then again this morning. I'm really hoping this doesn't mean something because A. I'm not ready for her to come. B. She isn't really ready to come either. It would be much better if she could hold off at least another week or two (she would be considered pre-term at this point) C. It would REALLY mess up some plans! (We have a youth retreat a week from Friday that Kyle and I are the only leaders for) The contractions don't hurt. They're just uncomfortable and they aren't getting worse, so I really think my body just doesn't know what it's doing, unfortunately. I really don't want to feel this for the next 4-5 weeks!

Oh, and my new bag came and I LOVE it!!!


Cheryl said...

It could just be stress. Try resting more. Have Kyle help you more with the house and take it easy. My friend had that happen because she was stressed out. After relaxing more and doing less the contractions went away until it was safe for the baby to come. Glad you had a better weekend. :)

Shelley said...

I second the resting and taking it easy thing. (not that I have ANY experience or anything). But I DO know that you guys are always on the run and stuff. So it makes sense that taking it easy might help.

Other than that I'm not ready either! I still have a couple things I'm working on for her!

Praying for you!

Anonymous said...

Yup. Its a consensus. You need to rest more :) Take nice long showers and let Kyle make dinner and that sort of thing. It is all just for a few more weeks but Juliette needs more tummy time! I hope that you are able to slow down, I know it isn't easy, and I'm sure Maddox doesn't make it simple... wish I was closer so I could take the little guy for a few hours and let you take a nap :)


Meggie said...

Hey girl... I just realized that I need to call you. So, I'm going to!

Candice said...

Good advice, you need more rest and drinking more water could help too:) I notice that when I've had a busy day or am super tired or maybe stressed(though don't always realize it) I have more contractions. That was my case yesterday.

I'm glad you had a good weekend:) In my opinion, the last bit of the Office wasn't all that great. The show started off super funny and all, but I thought it ended awful. You know, why do they have to put sleazy stuff in there like that movie? So, if you guys don't watch the end you aren't missing much. Anyways, take care!

Hannah said...

It could be an "irritable uterus" which is pretty common with the second apparently. I had 5 min contractions from 23 weeks on with Miles and it was very scary! They weren't painful but then at 33 weeks I started getting real contractions. I had to be really careful not to come early. When he did show up at 37 weeks I didn't realise I was even in labor until the end because I had been having painful contractions for so long already! It's really hard though dealing with it especially with a toddler. I definitely sympathize. Take it easy Em xoxo

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