February 9, 2009


That's what we are, blessed.

We are blessed by wonderful family, friends and church family that care deeply about us.

I'm feeling a huge sense of that today. My Mom and Grandma are giving up their time this weekend to come and play with Maddox so that Kyle and I can minister to our high schoolers. I know that coming to play with Maddox isn't a burden to them at all, but it still means a lot to us that they want to do things like that and are willing any time we ask.

Another way I feel blessed is that my friends threw me a wonderful shower yesterday! Juliette will be the best dressed girl around these parts, that's what I'm telling you!!!



Anonymous said...

So glad that we got to come down for the shower! Juliette will be dressed very well and there will be no doubt that she is a GIRL in all that pink :)


Candice said...

I'm glad to hear how things are going and that you are feeling blessed and loved! I'm glad to hear about what you've been doing. I am taking Dr. Christopher's prenatals too. I didn't mention them since you're only a month out or so, but that is great! I hope things go well for you. I'm praying for you.

Bethany said...

It was great seeing you guys on Sunday. Can't wait to meet Juliette! Finally another girl in the mix. :)