December 1, 2008

This N' That

I feel like I'm finally getting somewhere with this pregnancy. Not that Juliette hasn't been growing and such over the past 26 weeks, it's just feels like it's really truly never-ending. I hit 26 weeks today and finally feel like I'm getting somewhere. I only have 14 weeks left and that feels like a tangible number. 98 days, that's it! After Christmas it will be more like 68ish days left. Wowza!

Maddox received an early Christmas present of a Thomas the Train wooden railroad. He's been playing with it for days. Literally, non-stop for like 6 days. He wakes up and it's the first place he goes. He also found some Star Wars action figures in Grandpa Paul's garage that belonged to his daddy and those have been great things to knock over with the Thomas train. Yes, he's all boy.

I got a cold Friday night, thankfully, it was a minor one and very fast moving. Today should be the last of the congestion. Yeah for actually being able to taste food!

Today, is our last full day in the Bay Area, so we're heading to the Jelly Belly factory for a few hours. And, probably partake in In N' Out one "last" time. We'll say that and then probably eat there again tomorrow just for good measure.

We bought Josh Groban's Christmas CD yesterday and we've been listening to it, now it's starting to feel like Christmas. Yippee! I love Christmas!

I need help. I'm kinda sorta supposed to cut sugar out of my diet for the next 14 weeks. Apparently, it's miracle grow for babies and my mid-wives don't want Juliette to be too big at delivery. It's very important to me, too, because Maddox was a big boy and his shoulders were stuck at delivery, so I really want to do my best. This is where I need your help. I need low-to-no sugar "dessert" ideas so that when I have intense sugar cravings (which hit every day), I can have something that's yummy and kinda sweet to tide me over for the next 14 weeks. I can't have artificial sugar, though, so that makes it's tricky. Don't get me wrong, Christmas is coming, and I'll definitely be partaking in Christmas goodies, but I'm really going to limit myself, that's why I need your help and ideas. Pretty pretty please!

Okay, I'm completely done rambling now.



Anonymous said...

hey emily, you ve come to the right place... ok i came here, but anyways... i am always on the lookout for good desserts that dont have sugar or much at all... do you have the super baby food book? there are lots of recipes in there that call for honey. when i make them for other people i just use 1/2 white flour and 1/2 whole wheat (instead of super flour) so that people dont think it is made of wood (=! but also i add a few tablespoons of sugar just to make it a tid bit more appealing for some. but they are really yummy and it hits the spot for me when i get sugar cravings! are you more likely to crave cookies and cakes or candies and puddings? email me if you want more ideas!
seriously i had such crazy cravings when i was pregnant! i feel you!.

Hannah said...

I would be doing the same thing. Miles would have been a whopper of a child since he was almost 8 pounds three weeks early. Next time around I'm going to be really careful. I know you aren't allowed to have artificial sweeteners like equal, but what about the natural ones like Splenda, Stevia, or Xylitol? Other then that I can't think of anything. Even sweet fruits and honey aren't all that great, because it is still sugars even though they are natural sugars. I know all of this stuff cause my good friend over here has gestational diabetes and has to be extra careful with how much fruit she eats. Being a girl, hopefully she'll be smaller!

Shelley said...

hmmm...what about sweet potatoes and some sort of cinnamon concoction?

Meggie said...

look up coconut cream as the sugar substitute... also stivia is a great substitute because it's made from plants, is calorie free and is super sweet. Good luck. If it makes you feel any better, I'm still doing my crazy diet where I can't eat anything that even turns into sugar!! Love you girl & you can do it!

Donielle @ Raising Peanuts said...

I use honey in most things I make now a days. And I just try and keep ALL the candy out of the house. Darned hubby keeps bringing it back in though! ugh.

and my little guy has a wooden railroad too and hasn't stopped playing with it since he got it 4 months ago! :-)