December 22, 2008

Our Christmas

We're not where we expected to be today. Where are we exactly? I'm sitting at my home computer writing this blog post. Where did I expect to be today? In my home town celebrating Christmas with my family.

As you may (or may not) know, we have been hit with a HUGE snow storm. We don't get snow around these parts very much and we are literally buried in it right now. There is probably close to 18 inch on the ground and 8 of them fell in the last 24 hours.

Needless to say, our plane flight was canceled today and they couldn't get us out until Friday, so we decided to wait out the weekend because Kyle is preaching on Sunday and thought we should all just fly together, just a week later. So, we're going to spend Christmas here, just the 3 of us. It's kinda hard getting used to the idea since I wasn't planning on being here and we don't have a tree, or food or anything. Here's some pictures documenting our adventures yesterday and today. We drove up to celebrate a little Christmas with Kyle's mom yesterday (she lives about 40 min. away). Due to HORRIBLE driving conditions it took us 2 hours. We stayed the night with her because she lives 10 min. from the airport and we thought that was our next destination. Instead, we came home to an already mad cat. Seriously, get over it, it was 24 hours! Just you wait...

This was last Sunday when the snow started (yes Kyle dumped him out of the sled)

This was our yard last Sunday evening, notice the grass still showing?

This was the snow coming down on our way up to Kyle's mom's yesterday

This was my view through the windshield, I'm sure glad Kyle could see better than that.

This was the freeway on our way home today. Yes, that's the freeway.

This is 2 inches of pure ice on our driveway, gotta love freezing rain.

This was our front yard when we got home today. Notice the lack of grass? The large bump in the yard is a huge branch that fell yesterday while we were at church. Didn't get a picture of it before snow covered it.

Kyle and Maddox shoveling the driveway.


Nicole said...

The snow is SO crazy, and we're sad to not have you guys here for Christmas, but we're excited to see you when you do get here! Be safe over there and see you soon! :-)

Cheryl said...

wow! what a crazy storm! IT dumped a bunch more on us last night and we are suppose to get more today. Although it looks nothing like you or Washington! Maddox less than thrilled to be in the snow...kinda reminds me of Bryce. ;)

Anonymous said...

that is a bummer! well at least you get to go eventually, that will be nice. my parents were planning on being here with us, but decided not to come at all from california... we are bummed about that.
but on the other hand, it is so beautiful!!!
merry christmas!!

Candice said...

I know it's been crazy. I'm sorry your flight got canceled. It's hard when plans change, especially considering it's Christmas. We're supposed to go up to Washington tomorrow. We will see what the weather is like in the morning as they are predicting more snow. I don't know if we will actually go. The snow would be more fun if I could play in in, but it's rather difficult with an almost 7 month belly.

Tyler Reitz said...

That's insane! I didn't realize you got THAT much snow. Well we will miss you guys today. But are glad that you can at least make it on Sunday! Hopefully!

Shelley said...

miss you but looking forward to seeing you all soon!