December 17, 2008

And the Snow Begins Again

Did I forget to mention it snowed on Sunday? Whoops. My bad :-) I took a few pictures but it was too dark outside for them to really turn out, plus I have yet to find a USB cord. I wish it looked as pretty as the picture above. It snowed about 2 inches and we still have that much still on the ground because the high since Sunday has been 30 degrees. This is really unique weather for us. Usually we get one thing of snow that lasts for a few hours and then turns to rain and melts away. This snow reminds me of Idaho winters. It started snowing again just a few minutes ago and is supposed to snow off and on through Friday. The weather report says that today through next Wed. we're supposed to get snow every day. Weird. Maddox isn't a huge fan of the snow, heaven forbid the stuff touch him! He likes watching it, but doesn't want to be in it.

Oh, and for those of you who aren't familiar with our area, when it snows, the entire city shuts down. There hasn't been school for 3 days and won't be for the next 2. It makes me laugh.